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Hayley Williams

it’s my opinion that anyone who is coming onto our band looking for controversy is completely missing the point. the point isn’t in the intent of controversy, the point is that there is no way around it. as people, aren’t … Continue reading

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The complex, systemic problems that handicap the Malay community in Singapore

hello visa. what are your thoughts on racial profiling in the SAF? it is downright evident and palpable. does it anger you? (i hope i’m not in any ways offending you. if i did, million apologies.) That’s another big, complex … Continue reading

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MRT Graffiti: Insecure Foreign Policy

Swiss man faces caning over S’pore graffiti This actually made front page news on the Straits Times; a graffiti artist broke into a “high-security subway depot” and vandalized a train with some colourful graffiti. The man will be caned, which … Continue reading

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Epic Speeches & Quotes: Karl Paulnack, on music.

Welcome address to freshman at Boston Conservatory, given by Karl Paulnack, pianist and director of music division at Boston Conservatory. “One of my parents’ deepest fears, I suspect, is that society would not properly value me as a musician, that … Continue reading

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Love lives, and to love is to live.

Think of love not as something you fall into, like a rabbit hole of unknowable depths, but as something you grow- like a living thing- and you will no longer fear it. To love is to live, and while it … Continue reading

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