The likely tragedy of Justin Bieber

2014 Update: He just got arrested. Lol. Original post here.


The cap, the hand sign and the facial expression- worrying signs of potentially epic douchebaggery


Bieber is a tragicomedy.

Think about it. He was a young kid who worked hard at singing and playing guitar and the trumpet and whatever. And then he became internationally famous with tens of millions of little girls wanting to fuck him and blow him and what not. He can’t go anywhere without being swarmed by a crazy mob of girls. The only logical conclusion for him to arrive at, at that age, is that it was destiny. He must’vee born for greatness. He must be the next coming of Michael Jackson, etc etc.

Imagine what that would do to you if it happened to you when you were 15, 16. People offering you everything you want, and more. Being treated like a god’s gift to mankind by tens of millions of people, and being demonized by tens of millions of others.

His story isn’t going to end well. It’s not really his fault. He got swept up in things beyond his control, beyond his understanding, and it will twist/warp your entire sense of reality.