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Narcissism and social networking: can having many online friends be a bad thing?

“Narcissists can be identified by their Facebook accounts- Psychologists” A friend of mine posted the above link to me on Facebook, and I thought it was a fascinating read… much like how a burning man is a fascinating sight. The … Continue reading

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Republic VS Democracy

The Republic of the United States of America This is a pretty interesting and informative video about political structures. It’s centered around the United States, but it’s still very relevant to most of us. I agree with many of the … Continue reading

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Adam Lambert’s sexuality: How being different does wonders for marketability

I was a huge fan of Adam Lambert the moment I saw him- and I also knew that he was absolutely gay. What does it mean, though, that one of the American Idol finalists is most probably gay? Before I … Continue reading

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Here we go again: Is Hayley Williams mania overshadowing Paramore as a band?

I’m a big Paramore fan and I think Hayley Williams is pretty great, but I’m disappointed (and I’m sure Hayley Williams herself would be pretty disappointed) with all the Hayley fanatics who ignore the fact that Paramore is actually a … Continue reading

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